With 31 Jan and the start of a new school year just around the corner, the holidays are (very nearly) well and truly over.

We looked at 50 different businesses over the break (20 December until now) and saw one glaring similarity across the board. Businesses didn’t communicate their hours. Most put it on their Facebook page, but the majority did not update their website or set up any automations to notify customers of their availability during the busiest time of year.

Instead, businesses are incidentally sending their customers on a wild goose chase. Now that it’s already mid January, more businesses are returning to normal hours of operation. Yet, we can’t shake the terror of the potential business that was lost over the holiday season.

We suggest that you shouldn’t miss out on business. If you had a place that could easily create parameters to reply and save time managing platforms, you could get back to your day and know your customers are managed. That means more business when you come back because people aren’t left hanging.

We want to welcome more businesses back after the holidays and we’re looking forward to a great new year of improved communication with Coax.

If you’re curious about what Coax can do for you and your business, schedule a demo with us or try it out yourself with our free 14 day trial.