Your customers are diverse in their platform use

You might be operating most of your business on SMS. Confirming appointments and having a receptionist work off a shared work phone.

Do an audit of your platforms

  • Facebook: Any unread DMs from people? How long does it take to get back to people on Facebook?
  • Email: Do you have an overflowing inbox? Are you spending most of your days replying to emails?
  • Phone: Is it ringing and causing long calls with receptionists or are you taking lots of calls to book appointments and jobs?

The list could go on, but if your answer was yes to any of the above. You might have a diverse customer base for your business which means you need to get on top of it!

Are you keeping track of needs across platforms?

Text is great but what if the same customer sends an email after not getting a reply instantly? What if they also send a message on Facebook? What if one of those three messages is a sale and the other is an additional request?

You might be missing out on business if you’re not tracking customer context across platforms. There are platforms out there that allow you to see multiple inboxes together. However, they don’t integrate those customer conversations together. This means you still need to check a Facebook bucket, an Email bucket and an SMS bucket to see what is going on.

Integrated and seamless conversations are vital

With Coax, we put them in one chat, so you know what they said and get one notification in the same place every time. From every platform your business is on, we’re merging conversations into chronological order for you. We keep all the photos, phone calls, SMS, email, and Facebook messages under one conversation per contact so you can provide incredible customer service and save time.