As a business in today’s age, responsiveness is the bare minimum.

We know, that can be a challenge. Businesses exist on multiple platforms and require a social media platform. It’s the prospects’ expectation to be able to confirm your business and validation across these platforms. Then, you’re tasked with the challenge of responding quickly to their enquiries or losing their business.

Yes, speed is important.

Of course, you gain the advantage by being quick to respond.

Responding within an hour to queries increases lead qualification by 7x but if you wait, even 24 hours your chance of lead closure reduces chances by over 60x

Harvard Business Review.

That’s a huge loss and an important one to be aware of, but like we said, it’s not just about speed.

Customers want to know you’re there and that you care

When a customer or client sends in a request, your great response is just as valuable as your fast one. By giving them the attention to their question, answering it well and on the spot you’re saying, “hey, your business matters”. If they feel good about your business, they’ll feel good about telling other people about it. What’s more? They associate that positive feeling with your brand.

So, maybe you’ve just got an evangelist marketer on your hand. Someone to go off to their friends and say, “Yeah I got x done or from Your Business, you should go to them too! It’s what we dream for our businesses as they encounter growth.

What limitless problems can you solve with the whole picture?

When you have Coax as your tool, you’ve got all the customer’s history and needs in one view under their name. That chronological view of the conversation means you can provide excellent customer service without asking the same question that might have been previously answered.

Did someone else take the first call with a customer while you were out?

With Coax and WildJar, you’ve got the call on hand and can listen back before responding. You also have all the photos and files sent previously and it’s in one place. You don’t need to search for their name in another inbox, it’s in one place and will always be that easy.

With Coax and all the context, you solve problems faster and build better relationships. We’re not in the business of multi-inbox. We’re in the business of customer or client focused conversations that turn questions into sales faster than before.