Multi location synergised

Multi Location

Multi-location is included so you can get to business.

Coax’s multi location feature makes it easy for businesses operating out of more than one place to provide the same excellent customer service.

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Streamline your multi-location communication

We built multi location into Coax, so it’s ready for your growing business. All Coax subscriptions include the basics to get you started and the ability to scale it as your business grows, Coax can too.

Our Multi Location Highlights 💪


Flexible number assignment

Choose single or separate numbers for each location.


Scalable pricing

Two locations included, with transparent, tiered pricing for expansion.


Centralized oversight

Monitor performance from a centralised dashboard.


Local engagement

Connect customers to their local branch with ease, through the chat widget and when sending reviews links.


Efficient collaboration

Empower location specific teams by assigning them to local contacts