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Here’s what our customer say about us

Ashley J. — Secure Shutters

“Our phone rings less but we have more work than ever. With Coax we can spend more time with customers providing quotes and less time on the phone.”

Greg S. — Awnlux Awnings

“We like how easy it is to track who’s asking for what. I can offer customers the best item because they’re whole chat is right there. We can even update their phone or address right from the app, it’s the best receptionist.”

Arthur T. R. — Pockets Sports

“Coax helps us run our online offerings. We have the ability to put all the team members onto the app which means that tech support questions and subscription questions can be answered by the right person. We can even assign tasks and update customer information right from the app. Our agency is getting us way more traffic, we need Coax to keep up with demand.”

Roger F. — All Care Asbestos

“I can text my customers back right from my phone between drives. I’m getting back to more people faster.”

Penny W. — Recovawear

“Recovawear is reaching the right people and now I can reply to their questions on sizing or colour quickly.”

Robbie & Tiffany R. — HAMR Coatings

“We’re now able to handle more enquiries, especially during peak periods. The contact form and live chat feature are getting customers through the door and we’re closing more deals online than ever before.”