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Shopify and Coax mean business

Shopify and Coax make your customer journey better. When you connect your Shopify store with Coax each customer’s chat will have their order history and synced contact information, so you can now provide exceptional customer service.

With the power of Coax, you can trigger automated requests for reviews after orders are delivered and provide on the go customer service via SMS with pictures (MMS) so any questions are resolved faster and more accurately.

Setting up is easy.

Get your 14 day free trial if you haven’t already, and then sign in and follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your settings, the gear icon on the left.
  2. Select the e-Commerce section, then click Shopify
  3. Click Connect Shopify
  4. Authorise your Shopify store on Shopify, and you’ll be returned to Coax

Once connected, your customers will be synced for two way communication across used platforms. You’ll be able to see their order history, provide them with draft orders to fulfil purchases, and send them a review straight to your connected Google My Business listing once it’s all said and done.