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Simplifying communication with SMS

When a customer fills out our custom forms, from the Chat Widget to custom forms, they instantly get an SMS to continue the conversation, and the business receives a notification. The information they provide goes in the contact card.

We’ve made texting the backbone of Coax because it’s the easiest communication that everyone has on their phones. No platform or logins are required. With texting customers, your business can engage customers as easy as it is for them (or you!) to text with with friends and family.

Send texts and pictures

The magic of Coax is the ability to send and receive text and image messaging via SMS and MMS.  Have a photo sample to send to a client or perhaps they need to send you a photo of their own for a quote? It’s super simple.

All media is stored under that contact and is saved for future reference. If you forget the customer’s needs, all you need to do is check the built in customer contact card on the right or scroll through the conversation to see the context.