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Be found by more customers, have more conversations and keep track of it all in one easy to use platform. No credit card required

Get back to customers faster

Average response time decreased
11 minutes 3 minutes

Responsiveness leads to sales

Users revenue increased by
13% after 2 months of use

More happy customers in less time

Time spent serving enquiries decreased
24 minutes 14 minutes

Bring your business queries under one roof.

We plan on bringing you all the platforms into one simple chat.

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Automotive industry

Workshop and service centres need happy customers. Coax allows you to reply, get photos via MMS, and send invoices. Text for quick replies and easily send updates on completion.


Retail business

You can now reply to as many customers as the time of one call. One chat shows a full customer history for top team service! Save time, and make more sales with Coax.


Professional services

From electricians to removalists, Coax is your pocket receptionist. Reply on the go, request job photos, and send invoices in the same chat. Never mix up a job again.


Healthcare providers

With automated reminders sent to patients and all phone calls tracked and recorded in the chat, your healthcare receptionists can focus on even better in-person service.

Here’s what our customer say about us

Ashley J. — Secure Shutters

“Our phone rings less but we have more work than ever. With Coax we can spend more time with customers providing quotes and less time on the phone.”

Greg S. — Awnlux Awnings

“We like how easy it is to track who’s asking for what. I can offer customers the best item because they’re whole chat is right there. We can even update their phone or address right from the app, it’s the best receptionist.”

Arthur T. R. — Pockets Sports

“Coax helps us run our online offerings. We have the ability to put all the team members onto the app which means that tech support questions and subscription questions can be answered by the right person. We can even assign tasks and update customer information right from the app. Our agency is getting us way more traffic, we need Coax to keep up with demand.”

Roger F. — All Care Asbestos

“I can text my customers back right from my phone between drives. I’m getting back to more people faster.”

Penny W. — Recovawear

“Recovawear is reaching the right people and now I can reply to their questions on sizing or colour quickly.”

Robbie & Tiffany R. — HAMR Coatings

“We’re now able to handle more enquiries, especially during peak periods. The contact form and live chat feature are getting customers through the door and we’re closing more deals online than ever before.”

Why us and not the other guy?

A transparent free 14 day trial.

Features Free 14 day trial for you to use right now A chat per customer like a normal messaging app Two way communication across platforms Australian owned, Australian hosted Friendly in app support No contracts, cancel any time you want Fair and reasonable pricing
Coax Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Solution no Sales call with a shared screen, try to upsell you more products, locked out of use. no A different inbox for every platform, multiple chats for the same customer across inboxes. no Sometimes only one way messaging. no International companies. no Clunky support email address and call centres. no Lock in contracts and auto renewals with sneaky 30 day notice periods. no Inflated to satisfy external shareholders.
yes Made In Australia
yes Data Hosted In Australia

Choose a plan that suits your business

  • Two locations included
  • Track and save customer information in app
  • Get a mobile number right away
  • One inbox for every platform, including email
  • Custom contact us forms for your website
  • Live Chat widget connected to two way SMS
  • Easy replies and follow ups

No credit card required, cancel anytime.

No credit card required, cancel anytime.

We’re ready to chat.

You can use the form or the live chat window to reach us. We’ll get you the help you need in no time at all.

Best part? We know Coax is the best way to chat so all our support will come from Coax. No pesky support emails, just a simple chat.

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